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Wireless audio players are known by a variety of different names, depending on the manufacturer, including wirless media players, media servers, digital music players, wireless music players, wireless streamers etc.

In essence, these fall into two categories, streamers and servers:

Streamers connect up to a computer via wired of wireless network and play digital music stored on that computer (the different music formats are listed on the ripping CD's page)

Servers contain a CD drive and convert the music onto their internal hard disk for playback locally. Some also play onto a second or third device.

There are many different players currently available, with different features and prices to suit all budgets, from £50 - £800

Here we have reviewed all of the main competitors currently in this market.

For a brief overview of all players, click here

Also included are brief instructions on how to convert your music for playback on these devices (including recommended software) and instructions for setting up your wireless network for optimum performance.

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