Philips Streamium SL300i

This device is for those looking for more than just background music.

The Streamium SL300i plugs into both the powered speakers and the television, enabling track selection via the on-screen display and also visualizations on the television screen whilst music is playing.

Along with music, this will also display pictures from the computer and music videos and movie trailers, from the exclusive Philips internet services.

This is an excellent product offering excellent features at a low price.

Technical Specifications

  • Internet Music Services - Streamium provides access to thousands of online music channels through your home entertainment system... anything you could possibly want to hear.

    Internet Videos - Watch movie previews, short films and music videos from Yahoo! and iFilm.
  • Internet Photos - Share your photos online and view them on your TV with Yahoo! Photos
  • Internet Games - Choose from an expanding selection of the most popular games, like Solitaire and Codemaster.
  • PC Link - Use your TV to access music, videos and photos stored on your PC... at the touch of a button.
  • Wi-Fi® connectivity to your home network and online entertainment media.
  • Remote Control - Full-featured remote control with advanced selection and input controls.
  • Personalization - Use the convenient Favorites button to quickly access your pre-selected music, videos and photos.
  • Screen Control - Use the colored buttons on the remote to show videos and photos full-screen and display available information about media playing.
  • Instant Info - Use the INFO! button to instantly get information about CDs, artists and songs.
  • Internet Media Management - Easily manage your entertainment media and preferences with the included account.
  • PC Media Management - Select the media you want available from your PC with the included Philips Media Manager software.
  • Futureproof - The Streamium SL300i upgrades its own software to add new services, features and media formats